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“It was a few months, if not a year after filming that we got together. so saying rather bad lines in an ape outfit for 60 days was worth it. thats what i say to my son ” your mother met your father when she was an ape”. there is definitely a fairy tale aspect to it. i didn’t see it coming, and, suddenly everything fell into place.”

Helena Bonham Carter talking about how her and Tim Burton met

#its funny how in this picture #they are literally talking to the person they’re going to spend the rest of their lives with #and they had no idea at all

Helena Bonham Carter and Dame Judi Dench at Nicole Farhi’s debut exhibition of sculptures, ‘From The Neck Up’

Valentino Couture S/S 2012 Finale.
Rent Live Take Me Or Leave Me
Rent Live
Take Me Or Leave Me


Idina’s LAST Take Me or Leave Me: July 1st, 1997. I didn’t know if this was circulating around here already or not. NOTE: I didn’t record this, credit to whoever did.


Wicked rehearsal!

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